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Why Tour De Belfort?


We have been producing wine at our vineyard in France since 2009. Winemaking is our family’s passion and nurturing and developing our collection of wines has been an incredible journey!

From our earliest vintage, we have received prestigious awards for the quality of our wines. Since our first red in 2009 achieved a Gold medal at the Concours General Agricole de Paris, we have gone on to win medals every year, and are honoured to now hold 20. We are also star rated in the prestigious Guide Hachette.

Tour De Belfort has attracted positive reviews from Guides such as Guide Hachette, and from respected wine writers including The Independent Newspaper, The Guardian, Fiona Beckett, The Cambridge Wine Blogger, Cheshire Life, the Manchester Evening News and most magazines and newspapers local to our shop in Cheshire.

Since we planted our first vines, we have been dedicated to producing a high quality wine using only the finest hand-picked grapes – but it’s also been important to us that we produce to organic methods.

The wine industry is a significant user of chemicals and pesticides, a path that we have actively chosen to avoid. Tour de Belfort wines were certified Pesticide-free in 2010, and after stringent monitoring, though a natural wine from the start, we received official Organic certification in 2013.

It may come as a shock to learn that it’s not just pesticides lurking in your average glass of wine. Under current EU laws, more than 50 additives are currently permitted in the production of non-organic wines. Flavour enhancers - yeasts, additives and preservatives – may also be added to make up for shortfalls caused by nature.

Being organic is a crusade. To achieve a quality wine by natural methods requires starting with healthy grapes. Every organic vintage will be heavily influenced by the native weather conditions and each year we patiently weed by hand and prune, cut and sort to ensure only our best juicy berries make it to our winery.

The attraction of organic wines to those who seek out the natural choice, is that the personality of each vintage shines through, giving rise to debate as loyal wine-lovers compare and celebrate the differences year on year.

We hope you will enjoy your Tour de Belfort wines.


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Why Tour de Belfort.

Nurturing and developing our collection of wines has been an incredible journey.

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