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Our Wine Collection

Cuvée Classique

Cuvée Classique.

Our award winning range of red, white and rosé wines are all made from hand-picked grapes and matured gently without oak. Our Cuvée Classique wines are blended from all of the 8 grape varieties grown in our organic vineyard to create an elegant balance of complexity, fruit, structure and length.

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Grand Vin

Grand Vin.

Our limited release premier wines are made from a single grape variety and only in years when the quality is highest. We rigorously select our very best vines, then hand harvest the grapes and age in French oak barrels. Our Grand Vin wines have intense aromas with silky tannins and additional complexity.

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Sparkling wine


We make our sparkling white and rosé wines following the traditional method, using the same method as champagne but from our own region, resting the wine with a second fermentation in the bottle for several months.

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Save more from Belfort to your door.

From start to finish our organic methods are time intensive with low yields. Despite our small production we try to keep our prices as low as possible and we offer free delivery from 12 bottles.

You can order online here, by phone, or email.