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The Beauty & The Dirt: we love Tour de Belfort

A new vintage wine has hit the market, and since snagging two of France’s most prestigious wine awards (after only two years of production), and it’s really very good…

Created by the Lismonde family, Tour De Belfort is an understated red wine that’s free from any unwanted ingredients. Muriel Lismonde, the daughter of Tour De Belfort creators Eugene & Sylvie, “You’d be horrified if we told you what went into some wines. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I once read a label that said ‘this product may contain fish and milk.”’

The ingredients they do add? Virtually none – their 8 varieties of grapes (4 for white and 4 for red) are hand-sifted according to Ecocert standards, creating a truly superb wine that doesn’t need extra fillers and flavors. The resulting complex wine is so impressive that chef Aiden Byrne uses it in his 3 AA Curch Green restaurant in Lymm.

And the icing on the cake? This wine may be extraordinary, but it doesn’t cost the earth: at £10 a bottle, it’s delicious, organic, and affordable too!

Get yours direct from the vineyard at

Anyone fancy a glass right now… we won’t even have a hangover tomorrow