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Tastour loves Tour de Belfort

Tastour was awarded "wine educator of the year " by International Wine Challenge 2010 and offers weekly epicurean events for Londoners and organises private parties for corporate and social clubs.

Naturally speaking… Tastour takes a look at Tour de Belfort and falls in Love

08 Jul 2011 5:20 PM | Kelly(Administrator)

Have you ever tasted Love, when you taste wine? A glass of Tour de Belfort is a taste of love. But like any true Love, the more time you spend getting to know eachother, the more in Love you fall. And fall hard, I did.

Organic wine is table art… it’s a centre piece of conversation and admired for its inner beauty.

Every year, the staff at Tour de Belfort hand prune (cut) their 50,000 vines, harvest 350,000 bunches of grapes, and meticulously sort (discard the bad ones) 21,000,000 grapes.

Their organic methods protect the very nature of the grape all the way from the flowers pollinated by their bees to the contents of the bottle. It's an award-winning wine, receiving high marks from judges and barbecuers alike.