tour de belfort roseOur new rosé has now arrived in the UK with the hope of sunny days and why not… ready for the mini heatwave promised by the weather forecast!

This is the rosé which nearly ended in disaster when we were struck with a major storm during the harvest. We only managed to save 1000 bottles (read the story here).

As our rosé is always a limited-edition quantity, we do not usually present it in competitions. This vintage being so precious, we decided to send our wine to the Vignerons Independants competition which is only open to artisan vineyards and we were thrilled to receive the silver medal.

This year an other weather event has challenged our 2017 rosé. Along with so many other vineyards in France and UK, part of our vines have already suffered from the frost. Thankfully, most of our vines are situated on a hill which protected them, but the ones lower down the slopes will not flower. This means a loss of 15% of our next harvest.

Sadly, the lost shoots are Merlot grapes destined for our next rosé! But we love our rosé and a new challenge and are ready to experiment making it with a different grape variety. There will be a 2017 Tour de Belfort rosé!

We can deliver our award winning rosé direct to your door, with free delivery on any order from 12 bottles. Order here.