December at the vineyard is the moment when we taste our wines and decide on our future blends. The science is all in our taste buds and measuring glasses, so our team of great palates was all present for this delicate tasting: our Domain Manager, our oenologue adviser, and our family.

We start by tasting each single variety of white, first our wines in Vats, then our wines in oak barrels, followed by the same order for our red, leaving the red press wine for the end. This press wine is made by pressing the must after the alcoholic fermentation. It is very tannic and can only be used with great care in our blends in the good years. After having tasted all our wines, we use measuring cups and make blends to balance, tannins, acidity, fruit and body.

This last summer was particularly hot and dry, fantastic for our visitors but less so for some of our grapes. Our Malbec thrived on the heat but our delicate Sauvignon Gris and temperamental Cabernet Franc suffered from hydric stress. So this year our blends will be very different from our usual 3 or 4 grape varieties together.

We have decided to make the most of our exceptional Malbec and not to blend it. Our wine is already presenting supple, elegant and fine tannins and bursting with fruit. Our Chardonnay will also stay single grape variety, it's showing beautiful minerality and delicate citrusy flavours. In 2016 both our Cuvée Classique and our Grand Vin in oak barrels will be single grape variety wines.

They still need a little while to mature before bottling, giving us time to choose new labels and new bottles for this exceptional vintage.

blend tasting Tour de Belfort