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Our wines.

Buy direct from the vineyard. Our award winning red, white, rosé and sparkling organic wines delivered direct to your door straight from our UK stock.

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Why Tour De Belfort

Nurturing and developing our collection of wines has been an incredible journey. From our earliest vintage, we have received prestigious awards.

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Tasteful guest houses.

Not only do we provide wine tasting classes, we also have charming guest houses at our vineyard in the South of France available to rent.

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The Grape Taste of Tour de Belfort.


 'Organic'. Certainly, the word conjures up thoughts of natural well-being, of looking after the planet and a deep regard for everything that lives there.

For us, at our French vineyard in the Lot Valley in South West France, however, it also means something else. 'Taste'.

Because 'organic' also means wine that's made from grapes and grapes only, with low sulphite levels and no herbicides, pesticides or chemical additives to affect the flavour.

So all you'll taste is the wonderful flavour of the grapes themselves.

That's why we call it the grape taste of Tour de Belfort!

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*Except for sulphites.